Economic Development

Economic Development

Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Monthly Update – November 2020

The October 2020 unemployment rate of 6.2% maintained its status of being less than the national average of 6.9%. There are 48,900 more people employed now than when Governor Hutchinson took office in January 2015. (1,235,900 in October 2020 vs. 1,187,000 in January 2015). 

Since January 2015, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission has signed incentive agreements with 508* new and expanding companies.

  •      These 508 projects have resulted in approximately 22,705* new jobs for Arkansans.
  •      These companies have invested $10,332,428,111.46 in capital in the state.
  •      The average hourly wage for the new jobs created is $20.89.

In 2020, alone, new and expanding companies have worked with AEDC to create 2,046* new jobs (with an average wage of $21.04) and have invested $814,483,316

In November 2020, AEDC has signed new incentive agreements with one new or expanding company. 

*The numbers above do not include announced jobs. They are strictly incentive agreements signed.


Job creation is broken down into three categories:

  1. Competitive Projects
  2. Facilitated Growth
  3. Market Driven Growth

Competitive Projects: These are projects that the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) is responsible for creating — whether it’s new business, expansion of an existing business or the retention of a business currently in the state. An example of a Competitive Project is the recent expansion of HanesBrands in Clarksville. Learn more about AEDC

Facilitated Growth: Jobs created in an area (or industry) where the state has made a conscientious decision to invest funds to help stimulate or foster growth. For example, the state invests X dollars in tourism which resulted in Y total number of tourists to the state and Z total jobs.

Market-Driven Growth: Jobs created by market-driven growth come from our overall business climate in Arkansas, as well as all start-up businesses. Since assuming office in January 2015, Governor Hutchinson and the legislature have lowered taxes, reduced regulations, and increased the speed to market by cutting permitting time — all of which improve market-driven growth.

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